Sunday, February 7, 2010

Learn the colors

I found a neat website that provides the platform to create simple games, such as this one to learn some basic colors in Yiddish!

Lomir lernen!

Magnetic Poetry

I first created this tool in 2002 for the Virtual Shtetl website. I have now updated it and moved it to my web space, where I can modify and expand it as needed. Here you will find three new pages of Magnetic Words -- each page contains four lines of a Yiddish song, scrambled. The student must rearrange the words to recreate the original song:

Yiddish Song - Magnetic Word Tool.

I also created a new language game -- each page provides a picture (by Alexander Vaisman) and a set of words that can be rearranged to describe this picture:

Write a Yiddish Story.

And here are the three songs from the original website:

More Songs.

That's all for now! Lomir lernen!